I have a job, so now what…

I have a job, so now what…

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Yes, I have a job. And it came out of nowhere. Last Sunday, my mother-in-law told me there was an immediate vacancy at the primary school where she works. I had been thinking about it before but I decided to wait to see how things would end with my blog first. But this was kind of a perfect opportunity…


The job

My niece goes to that school, and it’s very close to my house. It’s a group with 10-year olds, which is my favorite grade. And they were so desperate to find a teacher that it would be totally fine to not nail it from the start. I’ve been out of teaching for 10 years, and I haven’t even worked after I graduated, so this would be a big step and it would be crazy scary. I noticed that I was so scared that I didn’t really want to do it, but only because of anxiety. I then concluded that if I wasn’t going to do it now (under these perfect circumstances), it wasn’t going to happen anymore, ever.


The thing

And so I called. I knew that I would probably be hired on the spot, so I knew that if I would call, it was going to happen. I called on Monday, and was invited for an ‘interview’ on Tuesday. And it was on. I would observe a higher grade today to see how things work here, and I’ll be joining my own group of kids on Thursday and Friday. And Monday will be my real first day. So, three days ago I didn’t even know this vacancy existed, and now I’ve already ‘worked’ a day. I guess I could call it work, because I’m EXHAUSTED.

Let me get this straight; I’m TERRIFIED. But I wrote here that this blog is intended to do new, scary things. And well, this is one of them. So I’m going to take a leap of faith and we’ll see what happens.


Now what?

I just started this blog and I had planned to put a lot of effort into it. I couldn’t even keep up with 7 free days a week, so things will have to change with only 3 free days a week left. Especially in the next few weeks, because I will be exhausted every day. So here’s the plan.

I will probably not be able to post 3 times a week anymore, at least not every week. However, I know a few amazing people who would like to write guest blog posts, and I’m sure these will be awesome additions for my blog. I’ll also have to write shorter posts, for the sake of myself and my readers. 😅

My shop will have to wait. I’ll just have to take my time and that’s ok. My youtube channel also has to wait. But, I’ll have a lot of free days because of school holidays. And also, I will have a lot to write about. Fingers crossed!! 🤞

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