The start of something new

The start of something new

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At this moment, I am sitting on my couch, thinking about what to write in a first blog post. I am overwhelmed by a feeling of excitement, mixed with fear of failure. I want to change my life so bad, but I will have to make it work. And the only way to do that is by trying.

I am now in between jobs. Well, actually, I am after a job (as in, I just left one), there is no job in front of me yet. And that is a choice I made a few weeks ago. Never before have I been in a situation like this, where I have the opportunity to try something other than working for someone else. I imagined myself helping others all around the world for a living. Now that would be the ultimate job and it would make me extremely happy.

The idea for a blog was born. I believe I have something to offer. In the past weeks I’ve planned everything, looked everywhere for information on how to do it right, and most of all: I’ve been bombed with a thousand thoughts about how it will and will not work out. But I’m in the process of becoming a new person, and I will not let these thoughts get the best of me. Move over stupid thoughts, I am in charge now. 💪

Fear of failure is called “atychiphobia”. It is described as “When we allow fear to stop us from doing the things that can move us forward to achieve our goals.” Exactly what I don’t want anymore!

So this blog is a blank canvas and I can’t wait to paint it. It will help me to overcome scary things, reflect on them, improve, and set new goals while I figure out what to do with this life and how to do it. So this story has 2 sides. One: I’ve learned a zillion lessons in the past years and I’m dying to pass them on. Two: I still have a shitload to figure out and I think it would be awesome to take my readers in the process.

It will be about everything life-related, from happy things to shitty things and everything in between. Off I go!

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